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30 Easy Interior Design Tips

Check out this awesome interior design article by Organize My Home sharing 30 tips to help easy the frustration of Interior Design.




Are you constantly trying to get your home to look “right” with no success? – these easy Interior Design tips are just the thing to help!

I used to design homes for clients in my previous business, and I loved helping them make their homes look amazing.

Not only that, but so that they also reflected their style and tastes.

They hired me because they felt they lacked the skills to create the home they wanted – so now I want to share some of my best interior design tips with you – so you can do the same!

There are so many decisions to be made that it’s easy to be paralysed into indecision for weeks or even months at a time. Not to mention how much mistakes can cost…. These tips will help you to get started in the right way. You will know the things you need to concentrate on and think about, and they will also give you some ideas to make your rooms really say something about you and your style. So – let’s get going and you can get that design project started today!

#1 – Planning is vital if you are to spend your money wisely and not make costly mistakes – Think about the overall look, style and feel that you are going for. Why not look through magazines or Pinterest for inspiration.

#2 – If you’re stuck for inspiration for a scheme, take a look at artwork/a fabric/an accessory you like, and base your colours around this. It is much easier to match a paint colour to artwork, than the other way around!

#3 – Know what’s staying and what’s goingyou need to know what you will have in the room as then you can build your scheme around it much more easily.

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